Sunday, November 4, 2007

A New Sheriff in Town

This blog has been taken over by a guest editor for the week. It's Dan time. But don't worry, Yvonne'll still get your fix.

I'm keeping this one short because we need to eat some breakfast, and the camera battery is recharging (which means no new photos right now to balance out the text). But let me say this: Love Euros (the people, not the money). Love the disposition of British airline stewards. Not such a huge fan of British food.

We know their food has a notorious reputation. They know it, too. But that didn't stop the good people of British Airways from serving for lunch a cold-bacon-and-ketchup sandwich. Yeah.

I'm guessing the Hungarians have more to offer.

"We're wasting away our sunshine...."

That's what I just heard from my traveling companion. Guess it's time to go.


Maria said...

Hi Dan! I hope you are enjoying your Budapest-Vienna adventure. Do you like Yvonne's new hairstyle (curl) ?

Annette said...

So excited to get a new perspective of the trip. Welcome aboard, Dan!