Sunday, December 9, 2007

There was someone in my bed last night.


Considering the fact that Yoki the dog barked at me every time I moved an inch yesterday, it was strange to find that he slept in my bed the entire evening. I was sleeping in my hosts' Wojtek and Hania's bed, and that is Yoki's bed, too. I guess the dog cares more about the bed than who is sleeping in it. With my nerves, he was actually a great comfort. Even though he woke me up at 6 am from the slurping sounds of him licking his paws over and over.

I did not really realize that I was sleeping in their bed until they told me. I have finally found an apartment in Europe that is smaller than mine. Hania and Wojtek usually sleep in the fold-out bed in the living room. Their teenage son sleeps in the bedroom. They played musical beds last night to accommodate me. I think Hania slept in the kitchen, the poor woman. Polish hospitality has no end.

Today Wojtek took me on a tour of Torun, which basically consisted of walking around the city rather briskly for a few hours. We spoke little to each other, and I began to feel incredibly home sick. There was Polish Christmas music coming from one of the buildings and it just made me think about Christmas at home. I thought about Dan, my friends and family. I fretted about our apartment and my job.

It's strange. I am missing home, but home won't be the same when I get back.

Wojtek and me.

Torun's Town Hall.


Annette said...

I can only go so long without pictures of this awesome dog!

Maria said...

Hania, Ala, Tomek, Wojtek.!From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for being so nice and taking care of Yvonne! Kochani, dziekuje serdecznie za zajecie sie Iwonka . Ciesze sie ze mogla skorzystac z Waszej goscinnosci i poznac wspaniala rodzine w Polsce.!

Peter said...

Are you trying to make Dan jealous?

Squeen said...


Don't fret about the apartment or jobs. Chill. You'll be home soon for stockings and Christmas decorations and the baking of cookies for me. And, probably, the planning of new trips.

Annette said...