Thursday, December 6, 2007

At least someone cares.

Garbage can at the train station in Berlin.

Before I leave Germany, I must remark: these people take their garbage very seriously. Never have I seen a people so devoted to separating their garbage and recycling properly. At the garbage cans in the train stations, for instance, you would find a spot for paper, glass, packing and waste. I would often stand before these waste bins confused. What is the difference between packaging and waste, I would often think, holding a candy bar wrapper.

All the Germans I stayed with recycled in some way. (Though I would have to say that Katrin wins the Al Gore award. Everytime I tried to throw away anything at her house, I needed to ask her where. It was always different). Nearly all of them ate organic food as well. And they all had their own shopping bags they brought to the store with them.

I am glad that they are so concerned with our environment and hope they influence others (Americans included) to do the same. Polish Ham, spreading the word.

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